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To whom it may concern,

I was first introduced to John Haynes in October 2005, after he had recently returned from a short-term mission trip to Vietnam, which, in and of itself was quite impressive. I have always appreciated the sacrifices of those willing to step outside their comfort zones to serve others.

The purpose of our meeting that day, was for me to learn more about his vision for a new mountain community in Banner Elk, NC… I am a marketing communications designer and simply, I wanted his business. I had had many of this type of meeting throughout my 25+ years in the filed, but some three hours later, I sensed that if I were successful in presenting my proposal to John, this could be a unique business opportunity for me.

John and I started working together almost immediately and since, I have come to respect him as a real estate savvy client and know him as a friend. There is one word that comes to mind when trying to encapsulate what John is all about… passion. Not a fake or forced passion, but one that resides in his very soul.

The way he carries himself and his leadership style is heavily salted with passion… not an overbearing passion seen in some, but a gentile, confident passion that melts away any preconceptions and almost demands your complete buy-in.

John is very patient, willing to take the time needed to clearly explain his vision to others, myself included. He has the confidence to allow those on his team to perform their duties without micro-managing every aspect of the job. If the task at hand requires further explanation or id obviously going differently than intended, John will graciously step in to clarify, but always in respect for those involved. As long as I have known and worked with him, he has always made himself available for others.

His passion has been most apparent to me when a prospective buyer drops-in unannounced and wants to know more about the Headwaters… an ordinary agent would probably excuse themselves to collect a few brochures to use as introductions, and I am sure John has done that before too, but I have seen, on more than one occasion when he would excuse himself from whatever he was doing and begin painting a picture using words and fueled bu his passion.

John’s passion transcends his business vision, or more precisely is rooted in his love for his family, the mountains of western North Carolina and his fellow man.

In the five years I have known him as a client, there were not many occasions when he made me feel any less than a friend… truly a gem of a client in the business world. He is wise, witty, and personable and knows the heck out of real estate and what matters to be successful in. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to be successful investing in and/or developing real estate properties.

Most Sincerely,
Jack Ketrow / JackDesignX