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Why Have a Retreat?

Homesteading and prepping center around living a life that is self-sustaining or having a focus on being in a secure location.  For some, a “retreat” is simply a recreational getaway for the family.  For others, its a spiritual haven of rest where one can get closer to nature or God.  For others, its a way of life, living closer to the land and living a simpler life.  Yet for others, it can be a place of refuge in a time of crisis.  Regardless of your view, all of these views require similar property features that are far different than that of typical real estate.  However, underlying these view points is the fact that most of us recognize we live in uncertain times, and being more independent is a good thing.

If you are new to the whole idea of disaster preparedness, it can be unsettling or at least, sound like the stuff of conspiracy theorists or cheap novels.  However, nearly every day you hear of another natural disaster, civil unrest, mass migration of refugees, or threats from terrorist groups pledging to destroy our American way of life.  The world in which we live is getting more uncertain by the day.  At the same time in the name of security, we Americans are witnessing our civil liberties erode.  We no longer object to wire taps or searches of our cell phone address books because that’s how the “bad guys” are discovered, yet at the same time, we are giving up our privacy.  You are encouraged to read through our regular blog posts which provide a wealth of information on the subject.

Regardless of your political affiliation, we can all agree that our federal government is bloated beyond measure and our national, state, municipal, corporate and personal debt load is untenable.  Its only a matter of time before the “debt bomb” explodes and with it goes our economy.  On top of that, numerous senior government officials have openly addressed the frailty of our national power grid and how it would easily be possible to put large swaths of our country in the dark for months or more.  In late 2015, Emmy Award winner and respected news anchor Ted Koppel wrote an entire book on this matter.  Think for a moment what that would mean in an urban/suburban environment:  no electricity for lighting, water/sewer, communications, heating/cooling, medical care, banking.  Our civil society exists on a razor’s edge, and one extended large scale disruption, be it due to a natural disaster, terrorist strike, or economic collapse is all it will take to send us over the edge.  When that happens, you need a place to run to, but waiting to decide until the last minute will be too late.  Now is the time to contact Retreat Realty to put your plans into action.

Traffic jam katrina 2You’ve been thinking about it.  You’ve read some online articles.  You’re seeing the nightly news reports.  Now is the time.  Don’t be like those in the accompanying photo at left (Hurricane Rita evacuation) stuck in traffic trying to escape or herded into a FEMA emergency shelter. Plan ahead for the future by investing in a retreat property that can provide you and your family a hedge against future uncertainty by becoming more sustainable and living closer to the land, and if necessary, to “get out of Dodge”.