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caution-signHere at Retreat Realty, our purpose is to assist those seeking a personal retreat or survival property to find the most suitable property.  The entire philosophy of one needing such a survival property is predicated on a concern about the future of our personal freedoms, the rule of law in this nation and the potential civil unrest that may result.  Retreat Realty does not attempt to play on fear or doomsday predictions, although we contend there are valid reasons to have concern.  A quick review of headlines every day confirms the worsening condition of the world around us in the political realm, financial realm, military realm and natural realm.  Therefore, we consider it prudent to take steps to protect one’s family, and having a bugout property is one component for those who have the ability to own one.

At the same time, we caution clients to carefully examine all they read online.  There are a myriad of blogs and YouTube channels out there espousing all kinds of conspiracy theories and doomsday scenarios.  Most are well intentioned, but sometimes lacking in accuracy of the purported facts.  There are nuggets of truth in most of them, yet we find that they often involve a story from another story from another story, which by the time it is published online, contains numerous errors.  These aren’t necessarily intentional, but just happen when one gets wrapped up in the hype.

As we near Election Day, the hype continues to ramp up and theories abound.  The truth is, none of us know the outcome in the near future.  We encourage readers to carefully validate what is read online in order to avoid being duped by tabloid journalism.  However, it is our contention that the need for a retreat property is very real for those who have that ability.  If you have that ability and recognize the need, then we here at Retreat Realty are ready to assist you in the search for that western North Carolina mountain land.  Call or email us today.