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ones-and-zerosIf you saw the message “Unable to Access Account” when attempting log in to your online accounts week before last, you were like millions of others.  A concentrated Denial of Service attack was set in motion on the internet infrastructure company DynDyn handles the flow of billions of internet transactions every day for major companies such as Twitter, Spotify, Airbnb, and Netflix.  Twice during the day, services to these companies were interrupted which merely shows the fragility of the internet.

I remember when I saw my first demonstration of the world wide web and the ability to pull up a web page. It was fascinating.  From that the internet and the web grew by leaps and bounds as individuals working out of garages along with multi-national companies raced to build the information highway.  It was a loosely connected and organized creation that even despite its complexity today and government’s efforts to regulate it and standardize it, remains remarkably vulnerable.

My question is this, “If someone working out of a basement with mischievous intent and the skill set can disable the accounts of millions with a keystroke, what’s to prevent a more malicious nation state or terrorist group from doing the same thing with much more damage?  When that occurs, what do you think will happen to the flow of goods and information that we’ve come to expect like the sun rising?”  It could turn ugly very quickly.  All the more reason to be prepared.  To view a real time graphic as to the number of cyber attacks going on around the world at this very moment, visit links in the post of January 14th here  which features Norse Corporation.  Norse specializes in cyber security.

Many of you cannot afford, or it may simply be impractical for you to purchase a bugout property here in the mountains of Western North Carolina, but you can be prepared right where you are.  However, for those who have the ability to purchase a survival property, then we here at Retreat Realty are ready to assist in the search for that perfect prepper property here in the mountains.  Call or email today.