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Once again, another Amazonmajor glitch has brought down a substantial portion of the internet.  As of 11:45 AM EST, Amazon Web Services which maintains its Simple Storage Service for the likes of Netflix to Reddit has been experiencing crashes and causing innumerable web domains to run slow or not load up at all.  I discovered this while using, a cloud service on which I write purchase agreements and listings.  Fortunately, they supposedly have it corrected, but many websites continue to not load or do so slowly.

The point of this message is to highlight the extreme level of dependence we have today on communications, specifically that of the world wide web.  When the internet connection goes down, so does the ability of millions to communicate, wire money, conduct business and watch funny kitten videos on YouTube.  It highlights the vulnerability of our wired society and how quickly one outage in a server farm can affect millions instantaneously.

This is one more reason to improve your skills and increase your knowledge of the old manner of doing things as well as having a getaway place in these western North Carolina mountains where you can benefit from those skills.  I highly encourage you to check out the upcoming Heritage Life Skills event in Waynesville in April where you can learn all manner of lost skills that don’t require an internet connection.  I also encourage you to consider having a place outside large metropolitan areas where you can hunker down in the event the internet goes down completely and the delivery of food and fuel, and electronic banking suddenly stop.  Its at a moment like that in which you’ll be looking to flee the chaos of the inner city to a mountain bugout property.  Lets hope it never comes to that, but we here at Retreat Realty specialize in this sort of thing, so let us help you in that search.