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Heritage Life Skills VI is coming up April 21- 23 in Waynesville at the Folkmoot Center.  If you’ve not attended, but are into prepping, off-grid living, homesteading or just want to learn some long lost skills, you simply must attend.  HLS is one of the most comprehensive events of its kind anywhere.  Our good friends at Carolina Readiness Supply in Waynesville organize it each year and it keeps growing and growing.  So what its Heritage Life Skills?

Sustainable gardening class

Sustainable gardening class

Its three days of more than 50 classes you can attend that cover everything from canning, blacksmithing, emergency trauma care, firearms, identifying edible plants, soap making, radio communications, self-defense, beekeeping, land navigation, natural remedies, power generation, security, etc.  These classes are taught by nationally recognized folks who’ve been there – done that.  There are also numerous vendors available promoting their products for purchase on the spot, including yours truly.

In the evenings, you’ll hear from several national authors such as Dr. Bill Fortschen author of the “One Second After” trilogy as well as Franklin Horton, author of “The Borrowed World” series.  Good friend, Forrest Garvin, the organizer of the Carolina Preppers Network (with nearly 3,900 members) will be speaking on how to organize your own support group.  Others will be speaking on the role of gold and silver in a fiat currency society.

Others include Scott Hunt, the man behind the widely followed YouTube channel “Engineer775” of Practical Preppers; one of my favorites.  Another is my friend, Jonathan Glauser, owner of Mountain Well Being, maker of the finest colloidal silver and colliodal gold products for promoting health and natural healing.  Heritage Life Skills is absolutely the best place to come to learn from the most knowledgeable folks in the business.  The three day admission if you sign up before February 28th is just $75.  It goes up gradually from there and the daily entry is $50 at the door, but its well worth it!  Retreat Realty is proud to be an exhibitor at this excellent event.