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What’s the difference between a bugout property or homestead?  For most of the characteristics, they are very similar.  The primary difference comes in the way the buyers/owners approach security.  I deal with two primary types of buyers: preppers who have an eye toward security and privacy looking to be removed from population centers, and homesteaders who desire to live closer to the land in a rural or even a suburban environment.  Both groups have similar needs when it comes to real estate, but there are differences.

Both groups have need of land on which they can sustain themselves including areas for gardening, orchards, crops or livestock.  To support these things, they also need a good source of water, preferably a creek or spring in addition to a well.  A property with good year round solar gain is another plus, especially in regard to a south facing orientation. Woodlands provide wildlife habitat as well as a fuel source for woodstoves or wood fired furnaces.  Rural land without zoning restrictions allows for freedom to build the type of structures one wishes and keep the animals one may desire.

The primary difference however, between the two groups is that preppers tend to also look at land from a security perspective.  That is, they prefer to be hidden from the public eye and have limited access in order to keep curiosity seekers away.  The further off the beaten path, the better.  High ground from which they can observe the surroundings is important.  These don’t really matter to the homesteader who is simply looking to live off the land or off the grid.  Regardless, both buyers have many of the same needs when it comes to land.  So if you’re looking for either a bugout property or homestead, call us today so that we can help you find the right one.