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We have a new look here at Retreat Realty.  Its been over a month since our last post, and that’s been due to a number of circumstances that coalesced together into a perfect storm.  A death in the family, the flu, an ice storm, relocating a child, furnace going out, water heater leaking the day of the funeral, transmission going out, then the total redesign of the website.  All of that happened in a span of 15 days including the Christmas and New Year holidays, so we’ve been a little preoccupied.  Its almost as if we’re ready to start 2018 over again.  But God is good to us!

But we’re back in the saddle and pleased to present the new look for Retreat Realty.  There are still some bugs being worked out, so your patience is appreciated.  We have several new listings to add to the site, but are awaiting some help from the web designers to be able to upload them.  But stay tuned for a new 133 acre farm located outside Burnsville, NC as well as a farm down near Rutherfordton along with a 22 acre and 16 acre parcel located right off Lake James.  We’ve been busy.

Last year was a great year with 15 closed transactions and several new listings of all types and price points.  Folks are looking for retreat properties, bugout properties and homesteads or off the grid type properties, and are finding them with us.  It can take a while to find that perfect property, and then depending on the complexity, the due diligence period can take a while.  We often find ourselves guiding buyers through the process of due diligence, checking out land use restrictions, topographic matters, access issues, financing, soils work, etc.  There is a lot more involved than just finding the property, so if you’re in the market for a western North Carolina mountain property, give us a call.  We’d enjoy helping you find that ideal retreat property and then taking you from that point to closing.