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Once again, I find myself in an international news outlet on the subject of prepping and the affects of COVD-19 on real estate.  Just today, the Thompson Reuters Foundation News  (an affilate of the Reuters Wire Service) ran an article titled “Amid Coronavirus Scare, Americans Flock to Remote Land, Survival Retreats.”

As the headline notes, many folks living in highly urbanized areas are considering remote property as a backup plan.  Of course Retreat Realty has long promoted the idea of a rural retreat in the mountains of western North Carolina as an investment, recreation spot and bugout property to protect one’s family in the event of a major societal upheaval.  We now find ourselves in such a case and are having more and more inquiries from people in the cities asking about prepper properties here in the mountains.  Unfortunately for many, they aren’t able to travel to look at properties, and honestly the logic of traveling for hours in a vehicle with two or three other folks from places like Atlanta, Miami or Dallas doesn’t necessarily appeal to me.  However, once we have a collective sigh of relief, I expect there to be a surge of folks who will begin seriously looking for a place in our mountains such as this new listing being offered in 20, 50 and 70 acres.

So while you’re enduring your “Stay in Place” order, take some time to research properties on line and let us know how we can help.  Our governor has declared real estate brokerage as an essential business, and we can thus travel to inspect properties on your behalf.  Send us what you find on Zillow, Trulia or and we’ll provide our local knowledge about the properties.  When this is all over, you’ll then be ready to put on your boots and do some hiking with us.  In the meantime, stay safe!