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Beginning tonight at 8 PM Eastern, Forrest Garvin of will be hosting a live stream on Facebook titled “Intro to Preparedness: A Step By Step Plan“. is the largest network of preparedness minded folks in the world with a focus on sharing ideas, information and education regarding all things pertaining to homesteading, disaster preparedness, etc.  Retreat Realty, Ltd. is pleased to be one of the primary corporate sponsors of which grew out of the Carolina Preppers Network.  Today, there are more than 130,000 members/subscribers worldwide.

Throughout the COVID-19 mess Forrest has hosted numerous live streams with multiple experts in the fields of home medical care, communications, personal safety matters, food storage and preparation, etc.  Whether you’re an old hand at prepping or new to the whole concept, I encourage you to tune in tonight and for subsequent sessions.  I guarantee you’ll learn a great deal!  Click here for the live stream.