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I see its been six weeks since my last post.  Just been a busy fall season and now Christmas is upon us.  So Merry Christmas to you all and thank you to everyone who allowed me the privilege of assisting in the sale or purchase of your properties.  Its been quite a year, but another record for Retreat Realty, and I thank you all for your faith in my ability to get the deals done.  Some of them went as smoothly as my Mom’s Chocolate Chiffon Pie, while others were more like “Rocky Road” ice cream.  But God has blessed us all in innumerable ways, even when we haven’t paid attention.  Despite all the difficulties of the past year, we are still fortunate to live in what remains the best place on Earth.  So hang in there and I hope you can enjoy this special season.

If you have yet to invest in real estate up here in the western North Carolina mountains, let us know how we can assist.  Or if you’re looking to sell, then let us know how we can be of service.  We closed 22 transactions this year and have several more pending and would enjoy adding yours to the list next year.  Here’s wishing you a blessed and Merry Christmas!