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Strange days are these.  Went into a Hardee’s restaurant the other day and saw the accompanying sign.  Not uncommon these days.  But where has everyone gone that use to hold down these jobs?  Why is it that we see help wanted signed announcing signing bonuses?  I said back in early 2020 that I wasn’t concerned about the virus, but rather our government’s reaction to it.  Sure enough, we’ve been shut down, bankrupted and put out of business not so much from the virus, but rather from the lockdowns mandated upon us.  Though we seem to have turned the corner, don’t expect the rules and mandates to go anywhere anytime soon.  Once government gets power, its loathe to let it go.

All the more reason to secure a place in these mountains of western North Carolina where you can live more freely.  Want to “social distance”?  How about on a 30 or 50 acre tract of land up here?  Most of these properties are free from zoning meaning you can largely do what you want on your own land.  How refreshing.  It harkens back to the days when people were free to make a living off the land without bureaucrats dictating the terms.

We have been fortunate to have sold a record number of properties these past two years as folks have turned to the mountains to escape the larger metropolitan areas.  So call us today to schedule a visit to the area and see if we can find you that perfect retreat here in our mountains such as this beautiful 62 acre farm north of Asheville.