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Just closed on the sale of another of our listings and it provides a case study.  This was the riverfront home on 46 acres in Avery County.  A beautiful setting with extreme river frontage which is a rarity.  It was on the market for just over ten months and sold for nearly 94% of its original list price.  It wasn’t shown that often, but then again, many of our listings are not shown a lot.  The reason is that they tend to be rather unique and many of them are in higher price points such as this one in the $900’s.  Some of them are so specialized such as our newest listing, Tranquility Ridge, that the buyer pool is very limited.  When you add that uniqueness to a higher price point, it further limits the pool of buyers.  Therefore, I encourage owner/sellers not to get discouraged by few showings because it isn’t the number of showings that matter, but rather the quality of them.  To one eager to sell property, it can seem agonizing, but rest assured, we’re working diligently with a myriad of marketing approaches to bring the best qualified prospects to the door, and to get them SOLD!  If you’re looking to sell a homestead, retreat or bugout property, rest assured that no one in western North Carolina has a track record like ours.  Call us today.