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In a post I wrote last year I stated that the “End of the World as We Know It” had already come upon us without realizing it.  Indeed it had, and it continues.  All it takes is one trip to any big box retailer or going out to eat and you’ll see what I mean.  Everywhere you look, more and more store shelves are bare.  Prices for beef and gasoline are rising dramatically.  Every single restaurant in town has signs apologizing for slow service due to shortages of staff.  The US Postal Service announced a slow down in mail delivery.  A single virus case at one of the largest ports in the world (China) caused it to shut down for weeks, and the effects of that are yet to be realized on our shores but its coming.  I feel as though we are on a slow burn headed toward what Venezuela and similar countries have experienced.

Most folks haven’t noticed it that much and go about life as normal, but the underlying gears of our economy are grinding slowly down, yet at the same time big government prints more money putting you and I further in debt to prop up public works programs and to pay fully capable people to stay at home.  Why should they go to work when they can earn as much sitting at home as they can at a job?  Everywhere you look you see “help wanted” signs and even signs announcing signing bonuses.

Hyper inflation may soon be upon us and you need to be ready.  With little fanfare, world governments and institutions such as The World Bank, International Monetary Fund and sovereign funds have been putting in place policies to weaken the dollar and move toward a single currency.  Many see the pandemic as reason to establish a single worldwide government.  Some love the idea, others loathe it.  Regardless of your political stance, changes are coming and they are going to involve more restrictions on personal freedom in favor of the state.  Therefore, if you have been thinking about having an escape plan, now is the time to consider buying a piece of heaven in the mountains of western North Carolina.  We’re ready to assist however we can in locating the ideal place for you and your family.