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For those looking to go off-grid or just become less dependent on the power grid, micro hydroelectric power is something to consider if you have the right resource: water.  We’ve all seen Hoover Dam and other large hydroelectric projects such as Fontana Dam here in the western North Carolina mountains.  However, did you know that individuals can produce their own electricity using hydroelectric energy?  Its more within your reach than you may realize.

Unlike solar power, which only generates power in the daytime and is only marginally efficient on cloudy days, hydroelectric generates power continuously.  Its also far more consistent than wind power which even in the most productive areas out west, is still a challenging power source to manage.  Here in the western North Carolina mountains we can have some high winds up on these mountaintops, but not consistently.  So if you want to go off grid and have a good water source on your property, then a micro hydroelectric generator is something to seriously consider.

The basics of the system aren’t terribly complex and there are a number of companies that provide total packages.  Just do a search on YouTube and you’ll find all kinds of do-it-yourselfers showcasing their systems.  Here is a great video link from our friend Scott Hunt at Practical Preppers.  The main thing is having a sizable creek with sufficient “head”, meaning the force of water from a higher elevation intake to the lower elevation at the turbine that generates the power.  If you have enough water flow, you can actually set several of these turbines side by side to increase power generation.  The flow of water through a nozzle spins a Pelton Wheel which using magnets and copper coils generate current.  This current can be fed and stored in a battery bank or flow through an inverter into A/C current for use in one’s home.  Depending on the size of the system, its possible to provide all the electrical need for a moderately sized house.  If you’d like to own a house that is already serviced by micro hydro, then check out this listing in Hayesville.

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