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This new listing in Burnsville has a lot going for it.  With 133 acres including over ten acres of rich, flat bottom land and over 1,000′ of high volume creek frontage, it provides ample room for homesteading and prepping.  Yet at the same time, it is just five miles from Burnsville on a four lane divided highway which takes you in to Asheville just 25 minutes away.  Typically most homesteaders and preppers want to be off the beaten path and not on a four lane highway.  However, due to the shape, topography and size of this property, you can have total privacy once you’re about 100 yards into the property.  Its so private, that you don’t hear any vehicles, see any vehicles, or see any other houses.  Its hard to get this kind of privacy with such an easily accessible location.

Click here for the full property write up and then let us know if this or any one of our other listings may be of interest.