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Its nice to be recognized as one of the best among one’s peers.  That’s what happened just this week when survival blogger Tara Dodrill included Retreat Realty as the #2 such agency on her nationwide “Best Survival Real Estate Agencies” post on the Survival Sullivan website.  Tara had contacted me a couple of weeks ago while researching real estate agencies with a focus on prepping and survival properties.  In her data gathering, she was careful to ensure only agencies with prepping experience along with competent knowledge of land be included in the list.  In the posting, she espouses that its not good enough just to locate a “land specialist”, but one that truly gets it when it comes to prepping; one with whom you can feel comfortable talking openly about the subject of disaster preparedness and such.  The truth is, there simply aren’t many of us out there.

Fortunately, here in the Black Mountain area of Western North Carolina, we’re blessed with a large community of like-minded folks in addition to outstanding rural land with abundant natural resources.  All of that played into Tara’s decision to include us on this prestigious list of companies.  Read the full article here.  Thank you Tara!  We appreciate your vote of confidence and rest assured that we’ll take good care of any of your readers who inquire.