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“Whistle while you work” is a good habit to follow when out in the woods.  In my business, I do a lot of hiking on large land tracts, often by myself.  Therefore, I always carry a few things with me, and one of those is a whistle.  If I have an accident, a whistle is more powerful than yelling in an attempt to attract attention.  But what if you don’t have a whistle on you?  While out showing property recently, a client showed me something that most of you hunters and old timers out there probably already know.

If you’re in a hardwood forest with Oak trees around, just find an acorn cap (photo at right); place it between the thumb and forefingers of both hands; cup it to your mouth and blow.  I was shocked at how piercing the resulting whistle.  Its that simple.

In addition to a whistle, there are many other items one should take along including a compass, bear spray, map of where you are, a small first aid kit, and common sense.  Know your limitations and surroundings.  I also carry a pistol, more to scare away a bear than to shoot one.  (No, I’ve never shot a bear in my life. Seen plenty of them though.)

By the way, the property I was showing with this client is the Round Knob Lodge, an exceptional 6 bedroom lodge with over 1,000′ of river frontage, separate stocked trout and bass ponds with crystal clear water.  Call today if you’d like to check it out.  Would make for a wonderful family retreat, corporate retreat center or event venue.