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Where did 2019 go?  Thanks to some great clients, wonderful cooperating brokers, amazing properties and God’s grace, we finished in the record books.  Last year was the best ever in closings and listings.  So where are things headed in 2020?  No way to know for sure, but at this moment, they’re looking good.  In the last few days, we’ve met with owners on two outstanding properties getting ready to come to market having 70 and 90+ acres each with another 100+ acre farm very likely.  But don’t forget about the inventory of excellent properties we have available now.

Its interesting that 2016 was a record year and now we’re in another election year.  Does that mean 2020 will be even better?  For retreat properties it seems as though the uncertainty surrounding an election gets buyers motivated to act.  The reasons are many and complex, but whatever the reasons, Retreat Realty has the best inventory of retreats, homesteads and bugout properties in western North Carolina.  We are also highly skilled in assisting buyers with their due diligence, leading them to successful closings.  Basically we jump through any hoop to get the deal done.  If you’re in the market for western North Carolina real estate, call us today, and lets make 2020 a record year for you as well!