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Why prepare for an event that may never happen?  This is a valid question and was explained to me recently by Preston Ingalls, a seller client of mine.  In a document he prepared he asks:

What could possibly motivate a sane person to spend most of their disposable income to prepare for an event that may never come?”  He answers that with a series of questions, “How often do you have a flat tire? (likely rarely and very possibly never) So why do you have a spare tire?”  Why do we have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen or shop?  After all, how many times have you had to fight a major fire?  Why do you have life insurance?  I mean, how many times have you died so far?

The rationale is that we do it because we love those around us and value our property.  We know things can happen, although most often the worst never does, yet we carry insurance on our homes, cars, lives, and take preventative steps for their well-being such as fire extinguishers, spare tires, candles for power outages, etc.  It may never happen, but the reality is that these events do happen and are happening more and more frequently.

An American Red Cross survey showed that 90% of respondents say it is important to be prepared for emergencies, and while 80% said they are prepared for an emergency, only 12% are reasonably prepared for a major disaster.  “Major disaster” includes widespread flooding, tornado and hurricane destruction, wildfire, earthquake, and sadly today acts of terror.  Any of these can result in long term disruptions of power, transport, fuel shortages, production, communication, financial markets not to mention direct loss of life and property.  So why wouldn’t you take steps to be at least minimally prepared?

You don’t have to have a basement full of long term food, but some long term food storage is a wise investment.  Having a plan at the ready if the power goes out is a good thing.  But if you want to carry it further, you could acquire a bugout or retreat property in the mountains of western North Carolina such as this 32 acre property or if you have smaller budget, this cottage on 40 acres.  Many of our clients have done just that, and rest at night knowing that if there is a major event, they have a safe place to go to in the mountains.  Yet in the meantime while things are good, they simply enjoy it as a vacation home or primary home, not to mention its investment potential.  These are all things to consider.

So if you have the budget and realize how fragile our national infrastructure really is, call us today to start your search for a suitable retreat property.