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We are pleased to have been featured prominently in a just recently released online article by the Thompson Reuters Foundation.  We were interviewed in December for our insights on the impact of property values by those seeking retreat property or bugout properties as they’re often called.  Demand for the type of property you find here at Retreat Realty is growing with buyer profiles including everything from young millennials to wealthy private investors.

About half of our buyers are of the “prepper” mentality, looking for a safe haven well away from major urban centers in the event of societal collapse.  The cause of such a collapse could come from many directions (terrorism, natural disaster, pandemic, etc.), but regardless of the cause, these folks want a defensible, self-sustainable location to go to.  The other half of our buyers are not so concerned with safety and security, but rather looking to live more sustainable off the land or more “green”.  Both buyer segments have basically the need for the same type of real estate, but the former add the criteria of self-defense to the mix.  That means demand for the type of survival property you see on our website is in growing demand such as this self-sustainable farm nestled up against thousands of acres of conservation and public lands or this complete prepper compound with multiple cabins..  If you’re a land seller and own this type of property, call us and let us link you to a ready pool of buyers.  If you’re a buyer looking for a homestead or prepper property here in the North Carolina mountains, call us today to arrange a private tour.  We are pleased to have been consulted for the recent online Reuters article.