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With the world going more crazy every day, why not have a bugout property?  After all, you have life insurance, home owners insurance, disability insurance, yet you hope to never cash in on them, right?  Think of a bugout or prepper property as an insurance policy, but one that you can actually enjoy right now and one that has the possibility of actually appreciating in value.  Hows that?

With an insurance policy, you’re paying premiums for a claim you may never use, and through all the years of paying those premiums what joy does that policy bring you?  However, by owning a mountain retreat here in western North Carolina, you can actually enjoy the property as a weekend or vacation home when times are good.  Plus, it has the potential for capital appreciation.  No disability or homeowners policy is going to do that!  But what are the more serious reasons to have a bugout property?  Consider these following risks that are very real:

  • Civil unrest:  We’ve seen how quickly situations can deteriorate and put you and your property at risk.
  • Economic collapse:  How long can our government keep printing trillions of dollars before hyper inflation sinks the dollar?
  • Political instability:  There are groups actively attempting to take down your government, regardless of your political leanings.
  • Power grid failure:  Its been known for decades that our power grid is very fragile.
  • Pandemic:  Need I even comment?
  • Natural disasters:  Ever been through a mega hurricane, wildfire, drought, earthquake?
  • Terrorist attack:  They’re still out there scheming.  Don’t forget 9/11.
  • Banking collapse:  Our banks are not nearly as solvent as you may think.  How susceptible are they to hackers?  Very.

Any one of these things could turn your comfortable daily routine into chaos.  Take away civil authority or the power grid and people are quick to turn on one another.  Don’t think for a moment it can’t happen in “Anytown, USA”.  That’s why here at Retreat Realty we specialize in helping forward planning folks find unique properties in our mountains that can provide a multi-purpose need.  When times are good, a retreat property can provide you and your family a place for fun and memories.  It can provide diversification of your investment portfolio.  But if things turn bad in a hurry, it can provide you and your family a safe haven to go to until things settle down.  So contact us today and allow us to walk you through the process.